Times Tables Jump

Play the game Multiplication Jump here, an exciting and educational game in which you have to help Freddy the green cube escape from the lab. All green blocks must be broken to find a way out of the lab. You can only proceed to the next level where a new challenge awaits.

But be warned, the blocks won't break so easily. You have to jump on the block until the number on the block reaches 0. The block breaks when the number reaches 0, and you have to jump off it quickly.

At the beginning of the level, it says which table you have to calculate with. For example, if the number on the block is 10 and the table of 2 is indicated, you must jump on the block 5 times until it breaks.

As you progress through the levels, the numbers on the blocks get higher, and the tables become more challenging. This allows you to practice all the tables in this game. Each level is a unique combination of platforms, blocks, and puzzles to solve. Before you start jumping, think of a tactical route. This will prevent you from getting into trouble later in the level because you can't return.

The game has 35 levels to play and covers the table from 1 to 10.

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