Colour Sprint

How to play Coulor Sprint

In this game you are a small stickman, and your mission is to become as big as possible. You get bigger when you run through stickman of the same coulor as you. But beware! If you bump into stickmen of a different coulor, you get smaller. And there's more - if you run into a wall, you turn into that wall coulor and shrink a little, too. Be careful, though, because if the wall is too high, you trip and are finished. At the end of the level is a big final boss, if you are bigger than the final boss you get to advance to the next level.

At the beginning of each level, you are shown a table question. When you start running, you will see two large screens appear. One screen shows the correct answer, and the other shows a wrong answer. Make sure you run through the screen with the correct answer. This will make you grow and run through. If you choose the wrong answer, you shrink and must start the level over. Times Tables 1 through 12 are covered in this educational math game for primary school.

While running, you can also collect coins scattered on the ground. You can use these coins in the shop. There are 27 cool hats you can buy for your stickman. Some hats you can get with coins, and others you unlock by completing special tasks. There are more than 100 levels that get progressively more difficult. Have fun playing this multiplication game!

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