About Timestables.co.nz

We have noticed that online practise is getting increasingly popular, especially practising the times tables. This is why we launched Timestables.co.nz The tables are one of the basic numeracy skills needed in the higher primary school years and for mathematics at secondary school and in further education, so learning the times tables is something we will have to carry on doing.

The aim of Timestables.co.nz is to make learning the tables easier and more fun. We can offer different kinds of exercises such as worksheets, practising tables in sequence and games. We have also developed special tests for the website. The speed test and the tables diploma test. Both of them are suitable for computers, tablets and mobile phones. In these tests, the sums have to be answered in time. For each correct question an amusing farm animal appears. At the end of the tables diploma test, if you answered everything correctly, you can print out a real tables diploma.

If you have any questions, comments or tips, please let us know via the contact form. The Timestables.co.nz team