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Times tables App, learn the tables

This app is based on what we learned via this website. The exercises are comparable and give an innovative method to learn the multiplication tables. With this APP, it is easy to keep track of your progress. This will help a lot when learning the multiplication tables.

- 5 step plan
- Different exercises and speed tests
- Earn medals and diplomas
- Keep track of your progress

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The Times Tables learning with SpuQ App for iPhone, iPad and Android is for anyone who wants to learn their tables properly. There are many different variations in which the tables can be practiced. Different levels of tables diplomas can also be earned. This educational Tables Exercise App will really help you progress. The advantage of the Tables Exercise App is that your scores can be saved so you can follow your progress.

How does it work?

This times tables app gives different ways to practise tables. The 5 step times table learning method, the diploma's, the speed tests, and the 1 vs 1 challenge. With every exercise, you can earn stars. The stars are visible in the menu’s, so it is easy to track your progress.

The 5-step times tables learning method is a structured way to learn the times tables. We start with the basics. First you must read the times table. Then you get easy exercises and at the end you have to do the final test for a diploma.

Learn together with SpuQ our mascotte the times tables.

This educational APP is completely in English.

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